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How to Choose the Right LED Ditch Lights for Your Build

If you’re new to LED lighting or the offroading scene in general, you may be wondering: what are ditch lights? LED ditch lights are given their name because they typically light up the ditches next to your vehicle as well as the road ahead. Ditch lights are usually mounted at the bottom of the windshield near the edge of the hood using mounting brackets, but can also be mounted on roof racks and bumpers. Check out our category of vehicle specific ditch light brackets for more mounting options. 

Extreme LED ditch lights

LED ditch lights are usually low profile LED light pods, much smaller than LED light bars. This is to prevent any obstruction of vision while on the road. You will sometimes see ditch lights mounted at a 45 degree angle, this is to improve the driver’s peripheral vision while driving. We also offer LED ditch lights with side shining and forward shining light to avoid the need to angle the ditch lights. 

Ditch lights can be extremely beneficial if you are planning to use them for off-roading. Night trails can be difficult as it is, especially if you’re following a narrow or advanced trail. Ditch lights can help prevent accidents by increasing visibility of obstacles, trail markers, and even wildlife. 

Speaking of wildlife, if you live in a rural area or somewhere where you pass through rural roads and the back country at night, ditch lights can help you see wildlife and hopefully avoid any collisions. Many car accidents are caused by deer and other wildlife and can be a very expensive fix on your vehicle. Ditch lights can help you avoid these accidents and save your expensive rig and maybe even a life! 

Improving visibility on the side of your vehicle can be beneficial for commercial drivers as well; ditch lights help many professional drivers navigate through narrow and poorly lit areas every night. Our LED ditch lights are also affordable and easily installed, meaning you don’t have to miss any time on the road. 

Now that you understand more about the purpose and function of LED ditch lights, you may be asking which LED lights will work as ditch lights. The main thing to look for when shopping for ditch lights is the angle of light output. The larger the degree, the wider the light will spread. Here are some of our favorite choices for LED ditch light pods. 

Extreme Side shooter led light pods

Our side shooters are definitely a favorite for ditch lights due to their front and side lighting in a single pod. Each pod features 6 forward facing LEDs in spot pattern, 3 side facing LEDs in flood pattern and over 3,000 lumens. The side lighting is only one side of each pod so as to not cause hood glare; this set comes with a pod for the driver’s side and one for the passenger’s side. With our Side Shooter LED Light Pods, you get the best of both worlds: forward driving lights and side flood lighting!


Extreme LED stackerz kit

Our Stackerz Kits are the perfect choice if you're looking for a unique look or a specific fit. These modular LED light pods are only 2-inches and can be installed separately or assembled together, making them extremely versatile. These can be configured into a light bar of any size or shape! Assemble multiple Stackerz Pods together in a row or column with the connector kit and a pair of the "L" mounting brackets.

These pods are made of rugged aluminum and feature a high output single LED, meaning you don't have to sacrifice light output for such a small package. Plus, with the option of spot or flood lenses in amber, white, red or green color, the custom possibilities truly are endless.


Extreme series led light pods

Our Extreme Series are some of our most popular light pod series for multiple reasons. These light pods feature optics that couple with an internal reflector to focus all the light onto the magnifying lenses to eliminate internal loss of light and increase overall light output. 

These pods are a great choice if you’re looking to match your pods with your light bar as we have so many options. We even have low-profile Stealth pods that give a smooth, sleek look. Choose from flood or spot pods, flush mount or regular mount, and amber or white to find the perfect pods for your rig. 


Extreme LED Scene Lights

In our opinion, scene lights can be some of the most handy lights to have on your vehicle. This is due to their widespread output of light. Our scene lights have a 120 degree beam pattern for wide, even light. 

Though typically used for camping or general lighting at a worksite, scene lights are often used as ditch lights while offroading as they really help light up everything around you. Plus, at just 5 or 10 watts, these lights are very efficient in preserving your battery life when you’re off the grid! 


Extreme 3inch pod light with cover

These pods are a perfect option if you’re wanting a sleek look with a little extra protection from rocks and branches. When things get crazy on those night trails, the last thing you want is to lose a light! The rugged housing and caged lens help to protect the light against large debris, making this the perfect light for anything from offroading to camping.

Another reason many people add a pair of these to the hood of their vehicles is to increase safety at the workplace! This light also has a blue center light that can be used for daytime and nighttime and the caged lens cover is detachable, making the versatility the perfect light for any jobsite. 


Extreme Giro 4.75 inch Round LED Light

Looking for a round light with a bit more “oomph” than the previous light pod? Well these lights may be the missing piece you’ve been looking for! With 45-watts per pod, these lights are the perfect addition to any build that needs just a bit more light output than the typical small LED pod. 

The powerful punch in the small package makes this light great for mounting where space is tight, but you still need a powerful light. 


Looking for something for the front of your vehicle? Check out our selection of LED Rally Lights.

Rally lights are larger than standard light pods and are typically mounted on the front of your vehicle (depending on size/build). These are commonly mounted in a row of four or more but even adding a single rally light to your vehicle will greatly improve your light output. 

Rally lights provide more placement options and customizability than a light bar while still providing an impressive amount of light. Whether you’re looking to add lights to your truck, side by side or ATV, when it comes to versatility of different types of vehicles, it’s hard to go wrong with rally lights. 


No matter which LED Ditch Lights you decide on, we’ve got you covered with our free returns and lifetime warranty. We hope this helps explain the purpose of ditch lights, however, don’t hesitate to reach out if you still have questions! If you would like 4 lights to be used as ditch lights (2 on each side), you can use our ditch light bracket extensions to install 2 lights on one ditch mount. These paired with our harness to control 4 lights on one switch make your install easy as can be! If you’re looking for the best LED light pods at the best price, shop with Extreme LED!


5 Summer Trails For Your Off-road Trips This 2022

Sun’s out, bumpers out! This time of the year is all about adventure and this summer is about to get more exciting! If you’re thinking about summer trails and off-road trips, then we’re on the same page. Check out this blog for the best summer offroading and camping spots to hit this season!

Off-road Trips This 2022

Going on offroad trips has become more interesting now than ever. Aside from the ecstatic experience and breathtaking views, these activities also take you farther from crowds. And isn’t that among the top reasons why you go on such drives? Having some peaceful time is one thing, but keeping safe from the virus is another.

Don’t worry, because we’re here to help you achieve all that. We’ve listed five summer off-road trail systems that we recommend you try this year!

  1. Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho Off-road Sites

Sawtooth National Recreation Area

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is one of the four recreational areas in the Sawtooth National Forest. Located in Central Idaho, SNRA is home to hundreds of miles of offroading trails, some of the country’s most scenic views, and over 300 wildlife species.

Its sister areas are the Fairfield Ranger District, the Ketchum Ranger District, and the Minidoka Ranger District. Various activities draw people to go on offroad trips here; biking, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, paddling, horseback riding, and motorsports are just some of the many outdoor activities available.

  1. Byrd's Adventure Center, Arkansas Off-roading Parks

Byrd's Adventure Center

The original off-road and ATV park in the state, Byrd's Adventure Center, has stood among the most popular off-road sites in the USA. Experienced adventurers would love to tread its challenging spots as there are many areas to play in the dirt trails, hills, and mud.

True to its nickname, the ‘4x4 playground,’ Byrd’s remains the leading off-roading park in Arkansas. It also boasts exceptional kayak, raft, and canoe rental services on the Mulberry River.

  1. Hidden Falls Adventure Park, Texas Scenic Off-road Trails

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

This family-friendly park caters to all kinds and levels of offroaders with its 240 miles of trails on 3,000 acres of marvel. All Hidden Falls Adventure Park trails are marked, rated, and have designated off-road routes for 4x4s, ATVs, UTVs, even motorcycles. Before you reach this sweet haven, you’ll be greeted by the beautiful scenery of neighboring natural springs and waterfalls.

Visitors can take advantage of various amenities in the place. It includes both primitive and electric tent sites, RV hookups, and cabin rentals featuring restroom and shower facilities. On the other side of the homey features are wilder accommodations like a full-service shooting range and ATV and motorcycle rentals.

  1. Moab, Utah Overlanding Trails

Moab Utah Overlanding Trails

Among the well-known off-road sites, Moab has a reputation for canyoneering, ATV riding, 4x4 driving, motorcycling, biking, river rafting, and hiking. Its unparalleled landscape features layers of rock kissing the sky at the Dead Horse Point State Park.

On the other hand, Canyonlands National Park is famous for being the “Island in the Sky.” If you’re one for the scenic off-road trails, then you’ll love the breathtaking view of the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.

  1. Rubicon Trail, California Off-road Trails

Rubicon Trail California Off-road Trails

We suggested it once for ideal winter trails, but we’ll say it again - Rubicon Trails is highly recommended for off-road trips of any weather. It goes through the Sierra Nevada mountain range with 22 miles of off-road trails cutting through Tahoe National Forest and Eldorado National Forest.

Many offroading experts tag it as “the most difficult OHV (off-road highway vehicle) route in the country.” Though challenging, the Rubicon Trail makes it worth the pain and struggles with the reward of Sierra Nevada’s panoramic views, boulder fields, interlocking flat stone, and forests of pine and fir trees.

Prepare for Your Off-road Summer Trails with Extreme LED

It’s all fun and adventure until you realize that you’re out in the wild with incomplete gear. We don’t want that for you, do we? So please see to it that you come with nothing but the best offroading equipment that you can get your hands on.

Summer Trails with Extreme LED

Grab this mini checklist for offroading essentials that you need to have before taking off:

  • LED light bars for when the sun sets and you need night vision
  • Extra wiring and other electrical accessories for convenience and in case of emergency
  • Recovery kit for when you get stuck
  • Medical kits for when you need first aid treatment
  • Ditch lights for when you need that powerful punch of light on moonless nights


This list is not all, but will surely get you started with your offroad trips. What’s more, is that you can prepare some of the checkboxes with Extreme LED!

Let’s be off-road buddies!


How to Choose the Best LED Headlights and Fog Lights for You

Looking for the best new LED Headlights or Fog Lights for your rig? In this blog, we will walk you through some of our suggestions for adding headlights and fog lights to your vehicle without breaking the bank (or your back!)

4” Fog Lights/Headlights

LED Fog Lights are one of the LED vehicle lighting options that are quickly rising in popularity and have become a favorite for many off road enthusiasts. Most drivers choose to upgrade their halogen bulbs to LED lights due to their easy installation with little to no work or tools required. 

Not only are they easy to swap out, but LEDs will last you much longer than standard halogen bulbs. Most people are shocked by how much light one LED bulb can put out. Once you upgrade your fog lights to LEDs, you’ll never go back! 

4" Fog Light Kit with Adapters

These 4 inch LED fog lights are the perfect addition as install is easy with little to no modification required. Each light has 30 watts and 1500 lumens per light, coming out to 60w and 3,000 lumens total. With a 6000k color temperature, these give you style and nighttime visibility without sacrificing any light output. 


4" RGB Fog Light Kit with Wiring

These LED fog lights are just like our 4” Fog Lights but with the addition of the RGB halo. Many customers choose RGB LEDs now due to the endless customization possibilities. Plus, these fog lights come with a remote, meaning you can change the color of these lights with a simple click of a button!

These fog lights have center LEDs and a round RGB halo that can be changed to any color with up to 16 million colors possible! These also have a timing function and music mode and can be connected via bluetooth. 

Led Light Bars as Fog Lights

Many people ask “can I use a light bar as fog lights” or “do I need fog lights for the snow?” Or maybe you don’t want to swap out your fog lights at all but instead add a bit more lighting. This is why we created so many options for pod lights and light bars! 

We have a large variety of amber and white light bars ranging from 3” to 40” and up to fit on your front bumper to add extra visibility. Our amber LED lights are perfect for snowy driving conditions as the amber/yellow color helps pierce through the white snow. Check out our amber and white LED light pods as well if you’re looking to add these to a tight spot or are looking for pods to match your LED Light bar. 

7” Round LED Headlights

7" round headlights are the ultimate sign of classic and high performing vehicles. Everything from old Jaguars, Porsches, and Range Rovers to modern Jeep Wranglers and Motorcycles feature a 7" round light and now you can have those lights with the best LED chips on the market. 

Using modern LED technology with classic styling, you get a headlight that delivers the look and performance you need. Check out our options below for 7” Round LED and RGB Headlights which, like our 4” options, are all DOT certified (as well as E-Mark certified) and SAE approved. 

Arachnid 7" Round LED Headlight Kit with Adapters

These 7" Arachnid LED headlights are one of the best LED headlights you can add to your vehicle due to their combination beam pattern of both flood and spot beams, meaning you get the side shining light as well as the direct beam to shine far into the distance and increase visibility all around you. 

These also have a halo ring around the center LEDs which can be controlled separately with the remote (included in the kit).


7" Round RGB LED Headlight Kit with Adapters

These 7" Round RGB LED headlights are one of the best LED headlights you can add to your vehicle due to their versatility. Not only do these shine all white but you have the option to change the inner bulbs to RGB LED lights. Choose from an endless selection of colors to customize your rig however you want!

These also have daytime running lights (DRL), high beams, and low beams, meaning you get the performance you need for every situation. Each light has 3,550 lumens per light on high beams and 1,750 lumens per light on low beams. 


7" Round LED Headlight Pair w RGB Angel Eye

These 7" LED RGB lights give you the ultimate visibility possible using the angel eye (also known as halo) lens. The RGB halo gives you the option to shine bright white LEDs or choose from any color of the rainbow. 

These work with any vehicle with 7" Round Lights (Jeep Wrangler TJ, JK, JKU; Hummer; Porsche 944/928, etc) and, like most of our lights, can be installed in no time with little to no tools or modification. If you’re wanting to easily increase the light output on your rig, these are a perfect option for safe and efficient driving. 


7" Headlight High/Low Beam Black/Chrome with DRL (40w)

These headlights are a great option because not only do they put out 2,800 lumens per light on low beam but you get 4,450 lumens per light on high beam. The dark lenses on these give you a sleek and stylish look without suffering from any light loss. 

The ability to switch between the high beam and low beam makes these lights perfect to use as a DRL (daytime running light). Plus with all the wiring included, these LED headlights are practically ready to plug and play!


No matter which LED Headlights or Fog Lights you choose, you are always covered by our 30 day risk free return policy. If you don’t like them, simply send them back; you’re always covered with our Lifetime Warranty. Read more about our Returns & Warranties here. 

Here at Extreme LED we still believe in the efficiency and durability of LED lighting and continue to strive to have only the best LED Lights available. Gone are the days where you have to worry about replacement bulbs for your old headlights. Switch to LEDs and come to the bright side! 

Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars & Pods

Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars & Pods

Our Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars and Pods are the perfect LED lights to add safety and functionality to your ATV, Jeep, 4x4, or any other off-road vehicle. These lights are brighter and bolder, giving you the visibility to make the most out of any off-road adventure, camping trip, or work project. 

Let’s talk about the details. These bars each have over 10,000 lumens! All coming from the tightly packed LEDs. We were able to add one more LED into each section of the light bar to allow the most effective light output. 

These bars have a combination beam pattern meaning you get the best of both worlds with spot and flood LEDs. The flood lights on each end are a wider, oblong shape and give you the widespread light more like a Scene Light, while the spot lights in the middle give you the directional light you need to cut through the darkness.

We named these our Stealth series because of the way they blend into your vehicle, creating a sleek, compact look. These bars maintain all the benefits of our Dual Row LED Light Bars while adding the bonus of a discreet front lens and lens cover and black inside housing. 

30" Extreme Stealth Dual Row 210W Combo Beam LED Light Bar

We have a broad array of sizes to meet your needs.  If you’re looking for roof lights, we have the 40” Stealth Dual Row that would be an ideal size for many roof rack light bar installs. We also have plug and play led light bar wiring harnesses available to make your led light bar install easy.  

We recommend the 30” Stealth Dual Row if you’re looking for a bumper or grille light bar as the length usually fits perfectly. Perhaps you’re looking for a smaller bar to fit in a tight spot. Check out our 20” Stealth Dual Row, made to be just short enough to fit in those spots where other light bars wouldn’t.

Looking to match your light bar and pod lights? Well you’re in luck, our Extreme Series Dual Row LED Light Pods were made just to match the light bars, creating a seamless, smooth look on your vehicle. Mount these anywhere on your vehicle to serve as road lights, work lights, camping lights, and whatever else you may come across in the dark. 

Stealth Dual Series LED Light Pods

We find most of our customers are surprised by just how bright our LED’s are. The great thing about these bars and pods is you still get the discreet look without sacrificing any of the power! Not only does our Stealth line add more efficient light, but they add a brand new look that is sure to make your build stand out. 

No matter the project, we’re confident that our Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars will fit your needs. Still worried about taking the plunge? Set your mind at ease knowing these are covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning if you don’t love them, just send them back! Read more about our easy return process in our FAQ.

Over $200 in Prizes for 4th of July Giveaway

4th of July Giveaway Happy Independence Day! This weekend, we celebrate more than our freedom. Along with this greeting, we’d like to remind you that the best things in life are FREE. *wink* That’s why we’re giving you a chance to win more than $200 worth of prizes as our 4th of July giveaway. 


It is a  great moment  to make yourself, your build, and your wallet celebrate this time of the year, do you agree? If it’s a YES for you, you need to know how to earn your odds fast!


Read on to see what you’re about to miss.


For this year's 4th of July catch, you can win the following:


  • 2 Gladiator 4” LED Light Pods

Gladiator 4in LED Light Pod - Flood Beam

Witness a  powerful punch  from a little package with our brand new Gladiator LED Light Pods. This set is ideal for mounting tight spaces where it can shine on wide spots, thanks to its bright flood beam.


  • Wiring Harness with DT Connectors

Wiring Harness with DT Connector(s)

This  complete set  comes with a universal wiring harness and a switch. You’ll be wiring up your new lights in just a snap with this one.


  • Extreme 3D Patch

Extreme LED 3D Printed Patch

Wear  the badge  with our 3D Printed Patch! Your patch collection takes off to a whole new level with this unique PLA addition. With its installed velcro strip, you can easily patch this up to your headliner.


Snatch this gift package only by completing three super easy steps:

1. Follow us on Instagram  @extremeledlightbars

2. Upload a photo showing off your build and tag us.

3. Tag a friend in the comment section of our  giveaway post  on Instagram.


A friendly reminder, though; failure to complete all three steps will result in disqualification from the giveaway.


There will only be one lucky champ, and their victory will be announced on Instagram and Facebook on July 4th. Good luck!



How to Know Which Off-road LED Light Bar Wiring Harness You Need

“Do I need a wiring harness?”, “What wiring harness type should I use?”,  have you ever asked yourself this question worrying you might buy the wrong one? Well, worry not! Here’s a good read that will help you answer these questions.


What is an Offroad LED Light Bar Wiring Harness?

A wiring harness is an organized set of wires, terminals, and connectors that run through the vehicle to relay information and power, thereby playing a critical role in “connecting” a variety of components (including lights).  In the case of our harnesses, there is a relay to allow a small amount of power to run to the switch to get an indication of when the light should be turned on.  When the switch is on, it lets the relay know to send the power from your battery to the light.


Which harness should I get?

This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked about. We have to understand first what you are trying to accomplish since we have different types of harnesses fit for your needs - making your lives easier - just plug and play! Below are some tips on what you should look at and the types of harnesses we offer.



Things to Consider in Choosing a Harness for Your Light Bars


  • Type of light 

We have different light bars to choose from and the compatible harness is usually recommended at the bottom left portion of the product. The lights have different end connectors, either DT or ATP, depending on the power of the lightbar.  All of our pods are going to be DT connectors while larger lightbars (in particular the dual row that needs more power) will typically be ATP. 

Our X6/X6S series all have a three-prong connector that fits a 3P-21 harness that includes two switches. One of the switches controls the two end sections of the light bar which have amber lenses, the other controls the middle of the light bar which has clear lenses.  This allows you to control each section individually to have both on, both off or one only one on at a time. (Note: The amber and clear lenses can be changed out. X6 Cover Lenses, X6S Cover Lenses

  • Number of lights to hook up

Now that you know which light you want to use for your vehicle, let's now look at how many you want to connect to each other. If you were wondering if we have harnesses available to control multiple lights on only one switch - no need to worry ‘cause we have that for you!



Wiring Harness Types


Picture of Wiring Harness with DT Connector(s)

These wiring harnesses are for lights that state they use a DT connector (Depending on the power and size of the lightbar, It will have a DT connector, all of our pods have one as well) We have 3  types of these that allow you to control one, two or four lights from one single switch. If your arrangement requires 3 lights or more than 4 lights, we also have DT splitters that will allow you to combine your lights to fit the build you are looking for.


Picture of Wiring Harness with DT Connector(s)

Has 1 ATP connector to control one light. Use these wiring harnesses for lights that state they use an ATP connector (typically these are our bigger light bars that take in more power like the dual rows )

Picture of Dual Color Light Bar Harness for One Light


This harness is for the X6 and X6S series since it has 2 separate lights (amber/white). This harness will allow you to control the colors of the light independently on each switch or wire both lights to one switch.


Still need something more? 

See our next blog regarding extenders, splitters, and custom wiring to solve all of your light bar wiring needs. 




Winter Off-roading Trails To Try This 2021

off-roading on winter trails with extreme led light bars

It’s that time of year again where we’re tearing up the snow instead of dirt! But, just because it’s cold and snowy outside doesn’t mean that you need to stop going on those epic adventures. Winter off-roading can be just as thrilling and delightful.

So, as your favorite LED light bar company, we wanted to take this opportunity to help you out and put together a list of five of the top winter off-roading trails. Hopefully, you can try them all out and come back to share your experiences with us!

Winter Trails for Your Next Adventure

  1. Big Horn Mountains, WY

big horn mountains winter trails

This mountain range never fails to make it into off-roading trail lists, whether for the summer or winter. Their rolling hills and valleys are already a fun off-road trail, but winters add a fantastic snow coating.


With over 1,500 trails and at least 32 campsites, the Bighorn National Forest has become a famous destination for all types of adventure-seekers. Off-roaders are very much welcome here, too, as most of its roads are open to off-highway vehicles (OHVs).

  1. Rubicon Trail, CA

rubicon trail via lake tahoe off-roading trail for winter

Known as one of the toughest trails in the country, Rubicon Trail has some of the heaviest snowfalls during the winter months. Its challenging course almost made having a four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle a requirement. Still, the breathtaking view and access via Lake Tahoe adds the cherry on top of this winter off-roading trail.

  1. White Mountain, NH

white mountains new hampshire winter trails

If you’re looking for some east coast winter fun, look no further. The White Mountain in New Hampshire, part of the Appalachian Chain, gets some extreme weather in the winter months. But instead of scaring people off, this wonderland feature is what draws off-roaders to this mountain range even more.

  1. Imperial Sand Dunes, CA

Imperial Sand Dunes, CA off-roading trails

If your idea of a winter off-road trail is to get away from the cold, then this place is ideal for you. Located in southeast California, the Imperial Sand Dunes sits as a cold-weather break for those running away from it. Its capacity of over 150,000 acres makes it one of the largest sand dunes open to highway vehicles. Topped with the camping accommodations, it makes for a great weekend getaway.

  1. Big Bear Lake, CA

Big Bear Lake, CA winter off-roading trails

A crowd-favorite, Big Bear Lake in California is a friendly trail for all skill levels. Its various courses have that rare ability to cater to everyone from beginners to experts. You’ll surely find some fun among its nine different trails, if not all! 



These are just five of the magnificent off-roading trails that are worth a try in this wonderful time of year. So share with us your favorite trail picks for the winter months! We’d love to hear from you.



Wiring Harness Diagrams

Single Color Wiring Harness



Dual Color Wiring Diagram


X6 Series Amber and White LED Light Bars

The X6 10w Series Amber and White LED Light Bars are one of the top choices for vehicles when drivers are looking to add amber LED light bars to their truck or SUV. These LED light bars amber and white are all single row light bars and vary in the number of lumens they offer. Plus you can control the amber and white sections separately for individual for optimum versatility. Find the perfect light bar to add to your vehicle today!

X6 Series Light Bars on offroad vehicles

Add an amber and white LED light bar to your vehicle with our selection of X6 Series 5w Amber and White LED Light Bars. Each one of these light bars are single row light bars and feature different amounts of amber and white lights. These amber and white sections of the light bar are controlled individually for optimum versatility. Use the white lights to illuminate your drive at night. While the amber lights are best suited for providing great contrast, which is needed during fog or snowy conditions. Or you can use both amber and white lights at the same time to give you the most light and visibility possible!

Amber and White LED Light Bar Features

  • 2 1/4" Tall
  • Featuring 10w CREE LEDs
  • Spot degree: 30
  • Flood degree: 45
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime Warranty
Buying Tips (Beam Pattern, White vs Amber and Sizing)

As our selection of high quality LED light bars and pods continue to grow, we wanted to provide a few more details on purchasing.  

  • Beam Pattern - We use multiple combinations of LED technologies, reflectors and lenses to get the best results for the installation.  This results in different beam patterns that vary by different product lines.

As a generalization the following terms are true across our products lines:

  • Spot - Spot lights will throw a far narrow beam.
  • Flood - Flood lights will have a wide beam that does not go as far as a Spot beam. 
  • Combo - Combo lights have a combination of spot and flood technologies typically giving the furthest light toward the center of the bar or pod and the widest light toward the outside. 
  • Scene - Scene lights are even more concentrated at close range than our flood lights.  Scene lights are great for work light scenarios. 
  • Light Color - We use a combination of colored LEDs and colored lenses to create different lighting effects depending on the line of product you are interested in.  As a generalization, the following terms are true across our product lines: 
    • White (Clear) - Under normal conditions white lights are going to provide the brightest lighting experience. 
    • Amber - When there are particles in the air (dust, fog, rain, snow), white can reflect off of these particles making it difficult to see.  In comparison, amber will cut through the particles better.  
    • Combination - We provide a number of combined options in both our light bars and pods so you can switch to the most appropriate color for the occasion. 
    • Other Colors - Other colors of lights serve a number of purposes such as hunting at night and can be achieved by adding one of our lens covers to our white lights.
  • Sizes - The named size of our light bars and pods is a general measurement of the size.  Depending on whether you are looking to put the light in a cutout or mount the light, the sizing charts for the light should be your primary reference to make sure it will fit.