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Blog posts of '2024' 'June'

Built to Perfection: River Raptor Jet Boats build high performance jet boats for fishing and water rescue
In this blog post, Extreme LED connects with Jeff Kanagy, co-owner of River Raptor Jet Boats, to learn about their high performance, high quality jet boats that feature Extreme LED marine light bars.
Choosing the right LED Light Bar: A Comprehensive Buying Guide with customer reviews

In general, an LED light bar that is worth purchasing is one that is built to last thousands of hours, provides a large amount of light without drawing too much power, and is one that you love the look of. It’s even better when you can get all of these things without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we share some helpful criteria for how to select the right LED light bar for your needs.

installing Extreme LED single row combo beam lightbar on a Tacoma