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About Us

Extreme LED Light Bars About Us

In the warm embrace of the summer of 2011, the Extreme LED founder embarked on a quest for auxiliary lighting to enhance his off-roading and camping adventures in the majestic Colorado Rockies aboard his trusty Jeep Wrangler. With a background steeped in electrical engineering, he recognized the unparalleled efficiency and robustness of LED lighting as the ideal companion for his journey. However, the marketplace was scant, with the few available options being prohibitively expensive or of very low quality. Undeterred, he leveraged his profound expertise in electrical engineering and his intricate understanding of supply chain dynamics to usher in a new era of high-performance LED lighting for the vehicle and powersports industry—offering unmatched quality at a fraction of the cost. Thus, Extreme LED was conceived, marking the dawn of a new age in lighting solutions that don't just illuminate but transform the driving experience.

In the autumn of 2018, with ambitions to elevate their design prowess to unparalleled heights, Extreme LED welcomed aboard a mechanical engineer and a product design specialist. This strategic move was aimed at catapulting our product lineup into a new echelon of innovation and performance. Marking a significant milestone in the journey, Extreme LED transitioned from the humble beginnings of a garage to the expansive possibilities of a warehouse and manufacturing facility. This pivotal upgrade not only broadened horizons but also allowed Extreme LED to diversify and enrich the product offerings, ensuring that customers have access to a wider array of cutting-edge lighting solutions. This evolution reflects a continuous commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries in the LED lighting industry.

As the years have unfolded for Extreme LED, the journey has been one of relentless learning and evolution, driven by an unwavering commitment to delivering the finest lighting solutions at prices that respect your budget. The catalog has grown to encompass a diverse array of options catering to various vehicle models, all while ensuring the integration of the latest advancements in lighting technology. Their meticulous approach to both internal and external testing has solidified the reliability of the light bars, each bearing the promise of a Lifetime Warranty. This rigorous scrutiny ensures that Extreme LED lights not only meet but often exceed expectations, providing consistent performance across a multitude of installations and conditions.

At the heart of Extreme LED is a dedication to fostering an unparalleled customer experience. This includes your initial shopping experience to the comprehensive support that accompanies you long after your purchase. Extreme LED prides themselves on a foundation built on excellence in service, ensuring that every interaction is as seamless and rewarding as the performance of the products. Extreme LED invites you to put their lights to the test, challenging them against the priciest brands on the market. Extreme LED is confident you'll discover that their offerings not only rival, but potentially surpass high-end options, all while significantly easing the strain on your wallet. This allows you the freedom to invest in additional enhancements for your vehicle, ensuring that your adventure, like our lighting, knows no bounds.

If you ever need help finding the right product for your vehicle (even if it is something you can't find on our website), feel free to call at (303) 990-5904 or send us an email at  We are happy to assist in your search for the perfect product for your build.