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Extreme LED lens cover for light bar and light pods
Extreme LED has the best LED light bar and light pod accessories you need for your offroad vehicle. This selection includes universal wiring harnesses, wireless remotes, rocker switches, lenses, and more. Check out the 3 inch light pod covers to protect your LED light pods from the rugged offroad trails. There are also single row and dual row light bar lens covers available to provide the same protection as well as the option to change the color of your light bar. If you are interested in getting the best quality LED light bar accessories, at an unbeatable price, shop with Extreme!

Universal Wiring Harnesses

Choose one of the universal wiring harness and switch options below to make wiring up your new lights a snap. Comes with everything you need. Just hook up the red wire lead to the battery and the black to a ground, then plug in the light and click the switch and you're lighting up the night!
From $29.99

Wireless Remotes

  • Universal Wireless Remote Controller with 7-9 strobe patterns.
  • Comes with wireless remote fob and receiver box.
  • Receiver has Plug & Play Connectability with harness Connectors
  • Remotes are available for single and dual color lighting options.
  • From $29.99

    Laser Engraved LED Rocker Switches

    These two position 12V 20 Amp rocker switches replace the factory switch on any of our wiring harnesses, allowing you to control your LED light(s) with style. These switches have 5 pins and are SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) meaning they can be integrated into dash/rocker lighting to control the illumination of the icon; the lettering is illuminated at all times. These switches are 1.75" tall and 1" wide and come in multiple laser engravings.
    From $16.99

    X6/X6S Dual Push Laser Engraved Rocker Switch with Wiring

    These switches were made specifically for our Extreme Series X6/X6S Amber and White Light Bars. These control the clear spot and amber flood lights separately and are labeled accordingly on the switch. These switches are easy to replace, simply remove the old switch at the connector and plug in the new one! These come with either 20" wire or 40" wire to help you get the best fit for your build.
    From $18.99

    Replacement Wiring Harness Switches

  • These are switch replacements for our Universal LED Light Bar Wiring Harnesses
  • Comes with a switch and wiring
  • Sold with or without a connector (choose below)
  • Sold individually
  • From $4.99

    Wiring Harness Pigtails

    These pigtails are for doing your own wiring and have raw wires on one side and a connector on the other side. The length of these varies but they are usually 3 to 6 inches long. If you are looking to extend your wiring harness and don't need the connector parts, we have wiring harness extensions or complete wiring harnesses available.
    From $5.99

    Wiring Extensions & Splitters

    Add extra length to your LED light bar wiring harness with our wiring extensions, or use a splitter to turn 1 DT connection into 2! If buying by the foot, enter the footage needed and then hit add to cart.
    From $1.99

    Connector Parts

    These parts are for when you are doing your own wiring or fixes. These go on the end of the raw wires and include the connectors and necessary parts (no wiring included). We also have full wiring harnesses, wiring harness extensions, wiring harness pigtails, and replacement fuses & relays available.
    From $2.99

    Wiring Harness Relays & Fuses

    If you're a do it yourself person like many of our customers, you might want to replace harness parts yourself. These fuses and relays are simple to replace on any harness. We also have replacement connector parts or wiring pigtails if you just need the connector with a short bit of wire. But of course, if you're the type of person that just wants to plug it in and go, we always have our full wiring harnessesthat make installation a breeze!
    From $3.99

    Portable Power Bank Station/Jump Starter

    • Portable Power Bank Station/Jump Starter
    • From your phone to your fan, this portable station will power it all!
    • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker & LED Light
    • Charge from your DC 12V car port
    • High Quality Lithium-polymer Batteries
    • Battery life depends on what it is powering, see below for more info

    Tamper Resistant Hardware Pack for Single and Dual Row Light Bars

    Help secure your new LED Light Bar with this upgraded hardware pack featuring stainless steel, tamper proof hardware for any of our Single Row, Stealth Single Row and Dual Row LED Light Bars.

    Tamper Resistant Hardware Pack for X6S Light Bars

    Help secure your new LED Light Bar with this upgraded hardware pack featuring stainless steel, tamper proof hardware for any of our X6S LED Light Bars.