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Wiring & Electrical Accessories

Extreme LED Wiring Harness, Electrical Cable, and Connectors for led lights

Extreme LED supplies LED wiring harnesses to help you get your truck's LED lights up and running. We have a variety of different wiring harnesses for your convenience. Every install has a number of details to address and our inventory supports that.

With our product, we make wiring up your new lights a snap. We supply everything you need for your LED lights. Extreme LED has an expansive selection of quality LED lights and accessories.


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Universal Wiring Harnesses

Choose one of the universal wiring harness and switch options below to make wiring up your new lights a snap. Comes with everything you need. Just hook up the red wire lead to the battery and the black to a ground, then plug in the light and click the switch and you're lighting up the night!
From $29.99

Wireless Remotes

Universal Wireless Remote Controller with strobe patterns.
From $29.99

Laser Engraved LED Rocker Switches

These two position rocker switches allow you to control your LED light(s) with style. Choose from multiple different laser engravings.
From $16.99

Replacement Wiring Harness Switches

From $4.99

Wiring Extensions & Splitters

Add extra length to your LED light bar wiring harness with our wiring extensions, or use a splitter to turn 1 DT connection into 2!
From $2.99

Wiring Harness Pigtails

If you aren't going to use one of our LED light bar wiring harnesses, then you may want these pigtails to splice into your custom wiring setup. Though many drivers are interested in adding LED light bars to their vehicle, some hesitate to do so because they worry that their installation might be difficult. The reality, however, is that there's an easy way for both your existing lights and any additional ones to be connected under the same terminal. All you need is fifteen minutes, a few tools, and a set of pigtail connectors. A pigtail connector is nothing more than an electrical wire used to connect two or more wires. Take a look at the kits and parts below to determine which one best suits your wiring needs. None of our pigtail connectors cost more than eight dollars, and the tools required to make use of them are common and inexpensive. With a little effort, you can enjoy the accomplishment of having worked on your vehicle with your own hands and the satisfaction of saving money.
From $5.99

Connector Parts

These parts go on the end of the raw wires and are just the connectors and necessary parts (does not include any wiring).
From $2.99

Wiring Harness Relays & Fuses

These are replacement parts for our wiring harnesses
From $3.99

Relay Holder

Relay holders are used to help organize your relays under the hood. Choose between a universal mount (may require holes to be drilled) or bolt-on options for the 4Runner and Tacoma.
From $24.95

Portable Power Bank Station/Jump Starter

  • Portable Power Bank Station/Jump Starter
  • From your phone to your fan, this portable station will power it all!
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker & LED Light
  • Charge from your DC 12V car port
  • High Quality Lithium-polymer Batteries
  • Battery life depends on what it is powering, see below for more info

X6/X6S Dual Push Laser Engraved Rocker Switch with Wiring

  • Comes with a switch and wiring with a plug and play connector
  • Easy Installation
  • Sold individually
    From $18.99