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How to Find the Right Light Bar Wiring Harness

“Do I need a wiring harness?”, “What wiring harness type should I use?”, have you ever asked yourself this question worrying you might buy the wrong one? Well, worry not! Here’s a good read that will help you answer these questions.

Extreme LED wiring harness

What is an Offroad LED Light Bar Wiring Harness?

A wiring harness is an organized set of wires, terminals, and connectors that run through the vehicle to relay information and power, thereby playing a critical role in “connecting” a variety of components (including lights). In the case of our harnesses, there is a relay to allow a small amount of power to run to the switch to get an indication of when the light should be turned on. When the switch is on, it lets the relay know to send the power from your battery to the light.

Which harness should I get?

This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked about. We have to understand first what you are trying to accomplish since we have different types of harnesses fit for your needs - making your lives easier - just plug and play! Below are some tips on what you should look at and the types of harnesses we offer.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Harness for Your Light Bars

  • Type of light

We have different light bars to choose from and the compatible harness is usually recommended at the bottom left portion of the product. The lights have different end connectors, either DT or ATP, depending on the power of the lightbar. All of our pods are going to be DT connectors while larger lightbars (in particular the dual row that needs more power) will typically be ATP.

Our X6/X6S series all have a three-prong connector that fits a 3P-21 harness that includes two switches. One of the switches controls the two end sections of the light bar which have amber lenses, the other controls the middle of the light bar which has clear lenses. This allows you to control each section individually to have both on, both off or one only one on at a time. (Note: The amber and clear lenses can be changed out. X6 Cover Lenses, X6S Cover Lenses).

  • Number of lights to hook up

Now that you know which light you want to use for your vehicle, let's now look at how many you want to connect to each other. If you were wondering if we have harnesses available to control multiple lights on only one switch - no need to worry ‘cause we have that for you!

Wiring Harness Types

Wiring Harness with DT Connector

These wiring harnesses are for lights that state they use a DT connector (Depending on the power and size of the lightbar, It will have a DT connector, all of our pods have one as well) We have 3 types of these that allow you to control one, two or four lights from one single switch. If your arrangement requires 3 lights or more than 4 lights, we also have DT splitters that will allow you to combine your lights to fit the build you are looking for.

ATP Wiring Harness with DT Connectors

Has 1 ATP connector to control one light. Use these wiring harnesses for lights that state they use an ATP connector (typically these are our bigger light bars that take in more power like the dual rows )

Picture of Dual Color Light Bar Harness for One Light

This harness is for the X6 and X6S series since it has 2 separate lights (amber/white). This harness will allow you to control the colors of the light independently on each switch or wire both lights to one switch.

Still need something more?

See our next blog regarding extenders, splitters, and custom wiring to solve all of your light bar wiring needs.

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8/28/2023 9:09 AM
@Michael please email with the order number for this so we can troubleshoot the issue.
8/25/2023 5:28 PM
I have a two prong connector 50 in curved light bar it has two lights Amber and white and it's different from most other lights the connector the two prongs are bigger than the one say at Napa or on Amazon and somebody help me the true problem Amber and white