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How to Choose the Best LED Headlights and Fog Lights

Looking for the best new LED Headlights or Fog Lights for your rig? In this blog, we will walk you through some of our suggestions for adding headlights and fog lights to your vehicle without breaking the bank (or your back!)

Extreme LED Headlights

How to Choose the Best LED Headlights and Fog Lights for You

LED Fog Lights are one of the LED vehicle lighting options that are quickly rising in popularity and have become a favorite for many off road enthusiasts. Most drivers choose to upgrade their halogen bulbs to LED lights due to their easy installation with little to no work or tools required.

Not only are they easy to swap out, but LEDs will last you much longer than standard halogen bulbs. Most people are shocked by how much light one LED bulb can put out. Once you upgrade your fog lights to LEDs, you’ll never go back!

LED fog light kit with adapters

These 4 inch LED fog lights are the perfect addition as install is easy with little to no modification required. Each light has 30 watts and 1500 lumens per light, coming out to 60w and 3,000 lumens total. With a 6000k color temperature, these give you style and nighttime visibility without sacrificing any light output.

RGB Fog Light Kit with Wiring

These LED fog lights are just like our 4” Fog Lights but with the addition of the RGB halo. Many customers choose RGB LEDs now due to the endless customization possibilities. Plus, these fog lights come with a remote, meaning you can change the color of these lights with a simple click of a button!

These fog lights have center LEDs and a round RGB halo that can be changed to any color with up to 16 million colors possible! These also have a timing function and music mode and can be connected via bluetooth.

Led Light Bars as Fog Lights

Many people ask “can I use a light bar as fog lights” or “do I need fog lights for the snow?” Or maybe you don’t want to swap out your fog lights at all but instead, add a bit more lighting. This is why we created so many options for pod lights and light bars!

We have a large variety of amber and white light bars ranging from 3” to 40” and up to fit on your front bumper to add extra visibility. Our amber LED lights are perfect for snowy driving conditions as the amber/yellow color helps pierce through the white snow. Check out our amber and white LED light pods as well if you’re looking to add these to a tight spot or are looking for pods to match your LED Light bar.

7” Round LED Headlights

7" round headlights are the ultimate sign of classic and high performing vehicles. Everything from old Jaguars, Porsches, and Range Rovers to modern Jeep Wranglers and Motorcycles feature a 7" round light and now you can have those lights with the best LED chips on the market.

Using modern LED technology with classic styling, you get a headlight that delivers the look and performance you need. Check out our options below for 7” Round LED and RGB Headlights which, like our 4” options, are all DOT certified (as well as E-Mark certified) and SAE approved.

Arachnid  Round LED Headlight Kit with Adapters

These 7" Arachnid LED headlights are one of the best LED headlights you can add to your vehicle due to their combination beam pattern of both flood and spot beams, meaning you get the side shining light as well as the direct beam to shine far into the distance and increase visibility all around you.

These also have a halo ring around the center LEDs which can be controlled separately with the remote (included in the kit).

Round RGB LED Headlight Kit with Adapters

These 7" Round RGB LED headlights are one of the best LED headlights you can add to your vehicle due to their versatility. Not only do these shine all white but you have the option to change the inner bulbs to RGB LED lights. Choose from an endless selection of colors to customize your rig however you want!

These also have daytime running lights (DRL), high beams, and low beams, meaning you get the performance you need for every situation. Each light has 3,550 lumens per light on high beams and 1,750 lumens per light on low beams.

Round LED Headlight Pair w RGB Angel Eye

These 7" LED RGB lights give you the ultimate visibility possible using the angel eye (also known as halo) lens. The RGB halo gives you the option to shine bright white LEDs or choose from any color of the rainbow.

These work with any vehicle with 7" Round Lights (Jeep Wrangler TJ, JK, JKU; Hummer; Porsche 944/928, etc) and, like most of our lights, can be installed in no time with little to no tools or modification. If you’re wanting to easily increase the light output on your rig, these are a perfect option for safe and efficient driving.

Headlight High/Low Beam Black/Chrome with DRL (40w)

These headlights are a great option because not only do they put out 2,800 lumens per light on low beam but you get 4,450 lumens per light on high beam. The dark lenses on these give you a sleek and stylish look without suffering from any light loss.

The ability to switch between the high beam and low beam makes these lights perfect to use as a DRL (daytime running light). Plus with all the wiring included, these LED headlights are practically ready to plug and play!

No matter which LED Headlights or Fog Lights you choose, you are always covered by our 30 day risk free return policy. If you don’t like them, simply send them back; you’re always covered with our Lifetime Warranty. Read more about our Returns & Warranties here.

Here at Extreme LED we still believe in the efficiency and durability of LED lighting and continue to strive to have only the best LED Lights available. Gone are the days where you have to worry about replacement bulbs for your old headlights. Switch to LEDs and come to the bright side!

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Meet the Author: Extreme LED has been helping offroad enthusiasts with their LED lighting needs since 2011. We have built our company to provide you with the best experience from shopping to customer support and ultimately use and longevity of our products. Our high-performance LED Light Bars & Pods are covered by our Lifetime Warranty and with free shipping over $100, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product that will provide long-lasting lighting for your vehicle.

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